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Rulebreakers: a sermon series on rules, laws, and when to break them.

Do you tend to color outside the lines? Do you consider yourself a rebel? Did you spend a lot of time in detention as a high schooler? Well we have a new sermon series JUST FOR YOU called "Rulebreakers" that is going on all this month during worship every Sunday starting at exactly 10(ish)!!   


worship at Court Square Theater

Worship is how we connect with God and with each other as a community. It helps us realize God's dream for God's creation and invites us to live into it throughout the week. Worship gives us an opportunity to learn, dig deeper and experience good news as we wrestle with and explore the difficult questions of life and faith. Worship at RISE takes place every Sunday morning at exactly 10(ish) at Court Square Theater.


Ash Wednesday Service

Wednesday March 1st 5:00pm at Ruby's Lounge in Downtown Harrisonburg. 

Join RISE as we begin the season of Lent with a short but powerful service to remind us of our mortality and need for God's ever present love and mercy. It is always a fantastic service and we look forward to having you there!