Meet Lexington Bowler 


Sup! I am a graduate of James Madison University with a music industry major!  I was born and raised in Fredericksburg (the other burg), Virginia.  I love music, long boarding, and hanging out with people.  I am a big fan of coffee and coffee dates! I also love sharing my stories and listening to other peoples stories.  If any of that sounds appealing to you (or not) I would love to meet you and hang out!

When it comes to music I love and listen to anything and everything.  My Favorite bands are Led Zeppelin and Twenty One Pilots.  I am in a band back home called Day By Day and I love writing music and performing music.  Basically I’m all about all types of music and love writing and jamming! 

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Meet Evan Lattanzi

Hi! I’m Evan Lattanzi and I’m a senior music industry major at JMU! I come from a distant point of light that can be seen at twilight on the northern horizon called Connecticut. I like running, playing music, and generally goofing off and wasting time! I also like eating food, all the time, so definitely hit me up if you wanna get lunch or coffee or something! Jam sesh’s are also my #1 favorite thing in the world so hit me up if you ever wanna do that too! I can groove to just about any kind of music but I am a huge classic rock guy.

Some of my favorite bands are the Eagles, Electric Light Orchestra, and Steely Dan. I’m relatively new to RISE and have been completely blown away by the welcome I’ve received, and it’s a huge honor to be a part of this community.

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