July 14, 2013 | Grow Up: Part 4

 Scripture: Acts 2:41–47

Those who accepted Peter’s message were baptized. God brought about three thousand people into the community on that day.  The believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, to the community, to their shared meals, and to their prayers. A sense of awe came over everyone. God performed many wonders and signs through the apostles.  All the believers were united and shared everything. They would sell pieces of property and possessions and distribute the proceeds to everyone who needed them. Every day, they met together in the temple and ate in their homes. They shared food with gladness and simplicity. They praised God and demonstrated God’s goodness to everyone. The Lord added daily to the community those who were being saved.


Roll Away Your Stone

Below My Feet

God's Love is For Everybody

Slow Your Breath Down


Let Us Love

Closing Prayer:  God of our communion, give us the grace we need to keep connected. Let us not seek to be heroic individuals, but instead teach us to live together. When our days get busy, give us time for friends. When we feel most isolated, surround us with love. Give us the courage to take the risk of caring deeply. Amen.