Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Amanda kicks off our Advent series as we follow the sage advice of Vanilla Ice to Stop Collaborate and Listen. We start this week looking at the word "stop". 

*Note: there is a five minute gap in this podcast while we invited the congregation to discuss how they will Stop. We encourage you to use this time to do your own brainstorming!*

FULL - Week 2

We continue our series titled "FULL" as Adam wrestles with knowing what being full feels like, and how we can know. He looks at Jesus' statements often called the Beatitudes (blessed/happy are those who...) and how they turn our vision of what a full life looks like on it's head. 

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FULL - Week 1

Amanda launches our FULL sermon series by asking the question "If our lives are so full, why do we feel so empty?" This is a three week sermon series that is tied to our FULL giving campaign.

Watch the video that Amanda mentions in the sermon here: "What does it mean to be full?"

(sorry her audio was not edited out of the podcast while the video was playing. You can fast forward through that section and watch the video instead)

Game of Thrones Week 1

Amanda kicks off a new series called Game of Thrones: Journeying through the stories of King David.  In this opening week of a 5 week series focused on leadership, she looks at the story of Samuel and Israel's demand for a king, despite God wanting something better for them than a king. 

*note: This sermon was re-recorded after the service due to technical issues with the original recording. 

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Hardly Christian Week 3

Our Associate Pastor, Adam King, continues with week three of our Hardly Christian series as he looks at the social phenomenon called 'ghosting'. What happens when we are abandoned (or are tempted to abandon others) due to changing identities and beliefs? What are the consequences and what are ways to deal with it when it happens?

Hardly Christian Week 2

Amanda continues our series by considering what happens when the charges of "Hardly ______" aren't coming from others, but from within. What do we do when we realize our beliefs and identities are changing?

*note- due to technical difficulties, this sermon was re-recorded without a live studio audience. :-D

Hardly Christian Week 1

Amanda kicks off a new series that looks at the intersection of faith, identity, shame, and change. Week 1 considers the challenge of responding to charges by others against our core identities. What happens when we are labeled Hardly ___________ (fill in the blank). How should we respond?  

*Note- due to technical issues, we do not have the original recording of this sermon at RISE. This recording was done at Bridgewater College at their Wednesday evening worship service. 

Where's Jesus? - Thomas

Listen as Nathan Scarborough, our College InReach Team Leader, brings a beautiful message of the vital importance of doubt as he reflects on Thomas' encounter with the risen Jesus. Check out the link below for the video that Nathan uses (you can hear the audio in the sermon)