Where's Jesus? - Thomas

Listen as Nathan Scarborough, our College InReach Team Leader, brings a beautiful message of the vital importance of doubt as he reflects on Thomas' encounter with the risen Jesus. Check out the link below for the video that Nathan uses (you can hear the audio in the sermon)


Podcast- Saved? "Palm Sunday"

Amanda wraps up our Lenten sermon series with a quick recap of the series, and then asking the question "what if salvation isn't what we expect... and what if we're wrong?" The video attached was shown between the end of Amanda's talk and her closing prayer, so if you'd like to to recreate that, pause the audio when she begins her prayer and watch the video attached, then finish the audio. 

A dramatic retelling of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem that asks the question "what if salvation isn't what we think it is?" credits: all video found on YouTube (we will take down any footage at request) Song: "Riceboy Sleeps" by Jonsi & Alex.

Saved? - Reading List

We've heard a lot of you say that you would love follow up reading for the Saved? series. So here's a beginning list. We will add books to it as we think of others. If you have questions about these or other books, email Adam at noke4duke@gmail.com.


Saved? - "The Way"

March 26th, 2017

Amanda continues our Lenten series "Saved?" by challenging the temptation to jump over Jesus' life to his death when talking about salvation. What if Jesus' way of life, what he taught and how he lived, is a vital part of what salvation means? 

Saved? - "Questions about Atonement"

March 19, 2017

Our Associate Minister, Adam continues the Saved? Sermon series with reflections on the crucifixion of Jesus and offers ways to wrestle with and understand the concept of Atonement. We're trying out a video podcast of the sermon so that you can view the slideshow that is used on Sunday mornings. Let us know if you like it and we can continue to offer it!

Saved? - "Sin"

March 12, 2017

Amanda continues our Lenten series on salvation, sin, and other big scary topics. Today she tackles questions around sin. Is it a "thing"? Is it actions we do? Both? Where did it come from? How big of a problem is it really? Buckle up, it's quite a challenging topic but we think we open the door for really important, life giving questions. 

Rulebreakers - So... what are the rules?

February 26, 2017

Amanda wraps up our Rulebreakers sermon series by asking the question "If legalism, social norms, and civil law all fall short... what then are the rules we should look to as we follow Jesus?" Don't miss this powerful message.

note: we did not capture Adam's segment at the very end due to recording limitations. The synopsis of his segment is that he has chosen to do a vegetarian diet this Lenten season in response to a sense that his struggle with food and eating has hindered his relationship with God because it causes him to struggle with self-hatred.

Rulebreakers - Breaking the Law?

February 19, 2017

Amanda considers the challenging question "When, if ever, is it ok to break the law in the name of following Jesus?" This is a challenging question and this message will certainly challenge you to dig deeper. Check out our Facebook page this week where we will be posting more resources for continued reading and discernment.