Uprising - Week 1

Amanda Miller Garber kicks off our Fall Campaign by exploring the hard truths that our world is desperately broken and the Church (capital C) hasn't seemed to figure out how it's supposed to respond to that reality. We are left wondering: "What does a Jesus-style Uprising in the midst of this brokenness and pain look like?" 

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Conversations at 60 West - Adam King (Thoughts on Charlottesville Anniversary)

On this 1 year anniversary of the events in Charlottesville, Adam King, our Associate Pastor, sat down with Shiree Harbick to discuss his experiences while working with Congregate C'Ville. This was a powerful interview and we highly encourage listening and sharing with others. 

(EDIT: We are having technical difficulties with the audio. We will hopefully have it back up ASAP. Thanks for your patience)


The Loneliness Epidemic

We welcome Natalie Kerr this week as she opens up our sermon series for the month of June called "The Loneliness Epidemic". She shares some staggering and sobering facts about loneliness, its effect on us individually and as a society, and begins the conversation about how we can confront this modern day epidemic. 

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The Body: A Lenten Series Week 5

Adam King and Amy Halosky tackle the challenging but vital topic of sex and sexuality as it relates to having human bodies. How does understanding our sexual beings connect to our worship of God and our ability to relate to others? And most importantly, how can the church do a better job of talking about sex with one another? Adam and Amy present a model here of one way to go about doing just that. 


Core Week 6

Amanda wraps up our sermon series "Core" by looking at the RISE Core value: "We try to stay "at the table" when things are hard."

*Note: the laughter at the beginning is due to the fact that Adam set Amanda up to walk onto stage with a slide introducing her as a "closet Hokies fan" while Enter Sandman was playing on the day after her beloved Cavaliers were beaten by Virginia Tech. She will most likely get her revenge...

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