It's time for an uprising

That statement might make you a little nervous or jittery. Maybe you’re wondering if we’re planning on marching in the streets, holding signs and screaming until our veins pop out of our foreheads.

The answer is… wait a second, let me put down my sharpie and poster board…

The answer is, not quite. While we certainly recognize the need to march and the need to make noise in the name of justice and in solidarity with those who are marginalized and afraid, this is a different kind of uprising. An uprising that just might require us to sit down and be quiet.

Confused? Read on.

We don’t know about you, but as we consider the atmosphere of our world today, we are deeply unsettled. It feels increasingly polarized, angry, numb, helpless, hopeless, frustrating, and cynical. And the truth is, we’re feeling all of these things as much as anyone. We are overwhelmed by the onslaught of dehumanizing language that is flooding our interactions, both in person and online. We watch the news in horror as people are encountering hatred in increasingly open expressions and living in fear because of who they are, where they come from, and who they love.

We’re also noticing that as a result of this never-ending wave, people are choosing to disengage and retreat either to isolation or to our ‘tribe’ of like-minded folks.

We’re lonely.

We’re disconnected.

We’re afraid.

We are increasingly passive (or aggressive… or passive-aggressive which might just be the worst). 

Regardless, we know this isn’t how life is supposed to be.


So what are we to do about this?

We don’t believe that binge-watching Netflix or scrolling our Facebook newsfeeds endlessly or engaging in angry twitter wars are going to fix anything. 

They aren’t going to reveal Jesus.

And we’re haunted by the question:

Where is the church in the midst of all of this?

Where is the church in the midst of abuse scandals?

Where is the church in the midst of unprecedented environmental destruction?

Where is the church in the midst of growing racist violence?

Where is the church in the midst of a culture of sexual violence and human trafficking?

Where is the church in the midst of a system that causes so much suffering for those who just want to live?

So as we’ve considered our focus for this Fall, we determined that we needed to wrestle with that very question and determine some courses of action. 


We need an Uprising.

But a Jesus-style uprising is different. After all, he was the dude who stated that the last shall be first and the first shall be last and that his followers should love their enemies and pray for people who try to harm them and who ultimately physically and emotionally suffered unjustly without ever choosing to fight back. 

This is radically different than what the world around us says we should be doing.

So this fall, we’re going to wrestle with what it means to act, speak up, stand up, protest, and live counter-culturally in ways that undermine the chaos, hatred, and apathy around us. 

In other words, how to be like Jesus.

It’s probably gonna lead us to some uncomfortable places. It might bring us face to face with folks we’d much rather avoid. It might force us to admit our own complicity and/or apathy to a hurting world. But it’s vitally important that we work at this.

Because this world needs an Uprising. Our community needs an Uprising. 

An Uprising of love, of passion, of courage, and of commitment. 


Join the Uprising!

Worship at exactly 10(ish) at 60 West Market St. Harrisonburg, VA