Prayer Leader

The prayer leader leads the RISE community in a time of prayer.  You should be comfortable being in front of people and have a heart for your community and the world to help others connect with God and each other in prayer.

Prayer Station

A prayer station helper will be responsible for praying one on one with people at the back of the theater during communion.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is a our time for kids where they can connect with God in their own community and in their own age appropriate way.  Happy Hour helpers love kids and are good at interacting with them helping them to experience God through a provided curriculum.

Communion Server

A communion server is as it sounds.  You will, along with one other person, provide the communion elements to participants offering "This is the body of Christ broken for you", "This is the blood of Christ shed for you," or a similar blessing.


As an offering helper you will along with another person be responsible for passing the baskets (collecting donations and RISE cards) up and down the rows during the offering time.

Hand Out RISE Cards

RISE cards are handed to each person as they come into the theater.  They allows an attendee to give us their contact information, request prayers, and or find ways to connect with our community.  Handing out RISE cards is easy and can be done by someone of any age.  Simply hand out the cards and greet folks as they arrive.

RISE Runner

The RISE Runner is responsible for collecting supplies and equipment stored at the the RISE House and bringing it to the theater and then taking the same back to the RISE House after the service.  As the RISE Runner you need to pick up from the RISE House in time to get to the theater between 8:00 and 8:15am.  After the service you will typically need to hang around 20-30 minutes longer in order to pack up stuff and return it to the RISE House.

Side door, Front Door, and Lobby Greeters

Greeters are the first people that someone coming to RISE will encounter.  As a greeter you love hospitality, making people feel welcome, and sharing a smile and a warm greeting with people as they arrive.  You see people who might otherwise go unnoticed.  As a greeter, you will need to arrive about 30 minutes before the service to help setup and to greet people as they arrive.