Our Stop Hunger Now event will be held at JMU Festival Ballroom 

on January 30th, 2017 at 7pm!

January is a great time to get hangry.

RISE actually wants you to get hangry ... about world hunger.  Do some reading and research and dig into the root causes of hunger.  Learn the statistics.  What you'll discover should make you angry.  The injustice that lies at the root of hunger should make all of us angry. Anger can be a valuable tool.  When used wisely, it can serve as a catalyst for real change.  Maybe we should get angry more often.  Maybe real "hanger" could eventually end world hunger.  

As we prepare to package thousands of meals on Monday, January 30th, we invite you to get hangry with us.  Use your passion to help us raise $5,000 and feed 17,500 people (or more!) through Stop Hunger Now, an amazing organization that feeds millions and millions of people every year.  While this won't solve the deep systemic challenges in our world, it is a step along the way.  Every donation makes a difference.  Every meal brings hope. Let's learn about the causes world hunger and extreme poverty.  Let's open our eyes.  Let's become less numb.  Let's get angry about hunger.  Let's make a difference together on January 30th by packaging meals at the JMU Festival Ballroom at 7pm.

So we need $5,000 to pay for 17,500 meals – 17,500 meals that will feed 17,500 people.

  • $3, the price of one drink at Starbucks, will feed 12 people. $5 feeds 20. $25 feeds 100. $250 feeds 1,000. You get the idea.
  • And for your donations, your friends at RISE are going to do some crazy things.
  • If we meet our goal, 17,500 people will have a healthy meal to eat.

Risks & Challenges

  • If we fail to meet our goal, we won't be able to hold our Stop Hunger Now event.
  • We've already reserved the meals and we don't want to have to back out.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you're unable to contribute right now, you can still get hangry!

  • Consider posting about the event on Facebook or Twitter to drum up interest.
  • And even if you can't give right now, you can still pack meals at the event on November 3!

Thanks for being a part of God's dream ... and thanks for getting hangry.