The RoundTable is a new entity that will serve as a central group, composed of coordinators and team leaders. We chose the name ROUNDTABLE to indicate that everyone will have a voice, a place at the table. There is no head. There are no sharp edges. This will be a place where the members will represent the voices of the leaders on their teams, and the larger RISE community.

The RoundTable will include: 

  • Pastor
  • Coordinator of Campus Outreach
  • Worship Coordinator
  • OutReach Coordinator
  • InReach Coordinator
  • Leadership Development Team Leader
  • Finance Team Leader
  • Operations Coordinator
  • RoundTable Facilitator

The RoundTable serves RISE and helps us to stay focused on our vision by:

  • Being the final decision maker for difficult decisions.
  • Leading leaders, helping them to develop and holding them accountable.
  • Being primarily responsible for identifying, asking, and selecting new leaders.
  • Hiring or replacing paid personnel.
  • Maintaining denominational affiliations, relationships, and reporting.
  • Leading the evolution of our vision and structure.