Since March 2014, RISE has been wrestling with the question of IDENTITY. We have always been really good at DOING, but determined that we needed to connect with our BEING, and really discover who we are and who we want to be. Out of that discussion, the STRATEGY TEAM was born, with the goal of wrestling with the hard questions. In June of 2014, the STRATEGY TEAM embarked on a journey via weekly meetings to discuss who RISE is and who we want to be! We discussed the past, the present, and the future. It was challenging, difficult, and life-giving!

The Strategy Team

With the help of the community, we crafted a Vision statement that aligns with our core values and will give us a track to run on as we move forward, seeking to be true to our calling as a faith community and our desire to be more sustainable. As with all ventures in growing, the vision statement is a work in progress, as we still are striving to use language that it concise, but still conveys who we are and who we want to be.

Vision Statement 

“As a community of imperfect people relentlessly pursuing God’s Dream, we seek to live and love like Jesus. We strive to be an inviting, passionate, and challenging movement.”

Core Values

  1. Jesus is always at the center of all that we are and all that we do - both as individuals and as a faith community. ALWAYS
  2. God has open arms, and so should we.
  3. Jesus lived and loved with passion, and so should we.
  4. Jesus is found among the poor, hurting and broken-hearted. And we should be too.
  5. Each of us is messed up. God loves us anyway. Nothing can separate us from God’s love.  Nothing.
  6. We believe in the importance of taking risks. Together.
  7. God gives to us, so we give back.

Let's Talk About Structure

We determined that RISE needed a new leadership structure, a framework that would enable more people to connect with the amazing opportunity to bring God’s dream into reality here in Harrisonburg and beyond. We realized that our previous structure was great for a new faith community and it served as launching point for us, but as our community is growing and maturing, we realized, we needed something more! We had to REIMAGINE RISE! A new structure was born!

The new structure created 4 main areas: Worship, Operations, InReach, and OutReach. Each will have a Coordinator and will be responsible for several teams that will accomplish the goal of their larger area.  

What is the RoundTable?

  • The RoundTable is a new entity that will serve as a central group, composed of coordinators and team leaders.  
  • We chose the name RoundTable to indicate that everyone will have a voice, a place at the table. There is no head. There are no sharp edges. This will be a place where the members will represent the voices of the leaders on their teams, and the larger RISE community.

Click here to learn more about the RoundTable.

We want you to be involved!

This new structure means there’s a lot of places for you to get involved and we want you to connect in a place that resonates with WHO YOU ARE and YOUR PASSIONS!!  We need leaders and we need people to serve on teams!  There’s definitely a place for you to plug in!  Let us know what you are interested in by contacting the RoundTable at or filling out the contact form below.

Want more?

●    Listen to the audio from the full presentation given at RISE about the REIMAGINATION.
●    Check out the Guidebook which will give you even more info about this new structure, leadership positions and expectations, and more!