How will you resolve to help mend God's creation?

For 2015, we want to know how you will resolve to help mend God's creation this year. It can happen in big or small ways, but every little thing helps. Here are some snow covered ideas to get you thinking:

  • Contact Open Doors, an amazing organization that offers shelter and meals to those in need. Ask them how you can help. They can always use volunteers, supplies, and financial support.
  • Shovel someone's sidewalk, driveway or dig out his or her car.
  • Say "thank you" to those working to plow, shovel and make things safe for others. Coffee and donuts are quite nice, too.
  • Consider donating to People Helping People, the Salvation Army or the RISE General Outreach Fund. These all help those in need with electric and power bills.
  • If you have an extra coat, hat or gloves, consider donating them to someone who could really use them. If you don't know where or how to donate, call or text 540-324-3241 and we will help you out!
  •  Surprise someone with a snowman or make some "snow cream" for someone (google it are everywhere).
  • Consider sharing your ‪#resolvetomend‬ ideas with us! Pictures are welcome!

The possibilities are endless, but we want to hear from you! Tweet, Instagram, Snap or post your resolution to Facebook using #resolvetomend and let the world know how you are resolving to mend creation in 2015.