Conversations Worship Series

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Throughout our July and August worship services, we will be welcoming members of our community to the stage along with one of our pastors for very special interviews to share their stories of faith and life. We are excited to offer this unique take on a long standing summer worship tradition at RISE!! We hope you'll join us at exactly 10(ish) over the next two months!!

RISE Small Event! A Scavenger Hunt

A small act of kindness can go a long way. It can also combat loneliness. So we thought, what could be better than to hang out after worship and do a "small acts of kindness" scavenger hunt together! You'll be put into teams to head out around town and spread love and kindness in the community. Mending God's creation together :) 

This is happening Sunday, June 24th after worship so plan to stay!

Y'all we've got a cabinet-- now we need toothpaste and shampoo

First off, we have a beautiful new donation cabinet for RISE and Shine and Love Packs gifts. You’ll find it between the information table and the hospitality table! Big shout out to Darlene Kemper for helping make that possible! 

Secondly! RISE & Shine needs toothpaste and shampoo for the month of April. Please drop off any donations at worship on Sunday mornings at exactly 10(ish) at 60 West Market Street or email to set up a time to drop off any donations outside of worship hours. 

$$ Money Talk $$

Money Talk- a post service conversation about yet another uncomfortable topic: money. The leadership at RISE, in our continued efforts to be transparent and honest about our financial health invite everyone to a conversation on April 29th immediately following worship at 60 West. During this meeting, leadership will present a snapshot of our current financial situation which has much to celebrate while still having challenges we need to face, together. Following the short presentation, we will open the floor to questions and conversation about how we can continue to grow financially. 

April Sermon Series: "She Persisted"

Our sermon series will be exploring courage through the stories of the ‘wonder women’ of the Bible. Some you may have heard of such as Mary Magdalene, Esther, and Ruth. Others may be new to you such as Deborah, the unnamed Syrophonecian woman, and Lydia. Their stories are truly remarkable and we have a lot to learn from them about what courage looks like. We hope you’ll join us at 60 West Market Street on Sunday mornings at exactly 10(ish).

Good Friday & Easter Service 2018

Good Friday March 30th, 2018 at 7:00pm in Edith J. Carrier Arboretum: Death isn't the easiest thing to talk about. Crucifixion of an innocent god-man? That's probably harder. But when we gather and remember the death of Jesus, we do so as a community that recognizes that life is fragile, and hatred can do a whole lot of damage. But Jesus demonstrates the way of love in the face of hatred and rejection. Come join us as we reflect on what that might mean for us as we seek to mend God's creation together.

Easter Sunday: RISE is gonna throw down for Easter this year at the Edith J. Carrier Arboretum on Sunday April 1st, 2018. Breakfast is gonna blow your mind. (in fact, if you want to respond to this email and make a special request for breakfast, we’ll do our best to have it there, within reason of course. We probably can’t pull off an omelet station after all) Breakfast will start at 9:00(ish) followed by worship in a stunning, outdoor environment at 10(ish). Really, does it get any more beautiful than April in the Arboretum? Wear your bowtie, your Easter bonnet, your prom dress, your Easter flip flops, or your pajamas, we don’t really care. We just want to celebrate with you! Spread the word, bring your friends, and tell them there will be sausage muffins, ducks, and some really friendly folks.  

Sign up to bring a breakfast item here.

LOVE PACKS: March Challenge!

We need your help... cereal-isly. 

Love Packs had the goal of collecting as much cereal this month as possible! So get cuckoo for coco puffs or "crunchitize" us captain because trix are for kids! (Sorry, we'll stop... you get the scoop). Drop off your donations on Sunday mornings at 60 West Market street or contact Jennifer Wood at to arrange a time to drop off donations outside of worship hours.