A poem response to the General Conference Special Session 2019

The past week has caused a lot of pain, confusion and emotion throughout the UMC and our faith community, RISE. With all of this, we are often left speechless— so we are so very thankful for friends like, Kate Martin, who so beautifully and articulately speak for so many of our hearts when words seem impossible.

The following poem, written by Kate Martin, is a prayerful response to the statements made by the opposition during their floor debates that said, “I love you enough to tell you the truth” when speaking against/to/about LGBTQ individuals in the church. Please feel free to share this if it speaks to you too.

“I love you enough to tell you the truth”

I’m writing today not to condemn you

I’m writing today because I love you

I’m writing you today because I don’t want you to miss out on what God has for you

the plans He’s laid before you.

But I fear, my child, you have been misguided

I fear, my child, you may have been lied to

I fear, my child, what you ask is too small

You see, my child, God has love for us all.

The scripture you quote is not as soft as God’s love

The words you repeat will not conjure a flood,

though the God of the Old Testament loves me too

Alas, I’m washed with the blood of Jesus through and through.

What you think I dream of, I can only imagine

Flags waving high, parties in front of a mansion

But when I close my eyes and truly day dream

It is a scene made of much different things.

My fantasies include:

being a disciple

a martyr

a message

hope for the people.

I do not dream of these things because I cannot

I can,

I do,

I will,

I have fought.

I fear you think God’s love is smaller than it is

that because I love a woman,

my life is not His.

I love you enough to tell you the truth

The God you love, loves beyond your belief

I don’t doubt He will welcome me with open arms

He has loved beyond much stronger storms

My life is a joy to Him— over-bounding with love,

Your God is much bigger than the God you speak of.

-Written by, Kate Martin