Status Update Meetings

Through the years, certain "RISE-isms" have become a regular part of our (and maybe your) vocabulary. These include everyone means everyone, you are a gift and questions are encouraged. And speaking of questions, at this point in RISE's journey, we know many of you are full of them.

What is going on with the new space?
What will happen there?  
Will we ever stop moving around?
Where did the Farmer's Market Donuts go?
What about our financial sustainability?  
What are some of
RISE's dreams for the future?  

These are great questions, and in true RISE fashion, we encourage you to ask them!

We believe that dialogue and community formation happens most powerfully in groups of ten or less. So Tuesday, May 31, we are hosting the first of five status update groups.

These small groups will meet at various times on different days throughout the week. Each group will be facilitated by two RISE leaders and will create space to discuss and respond to questions about the current "status" of RISE. They're meant to be spaces for listening, meaningful conversation, investment and some dreaming, too! (Disclaimer: RISE's leaders do not and will never claim to have all the answers or have their acts together. Please be aware of this when you sign up.)

While we realize many people lead very full lives, we sincerely hope that you can attend one of these status update gatherings. Communication matters. Your voice matters.  Your input and connection matters. Let's write RISE's "status update" together as we move forward into a future full of hope and promise.

Sign up for any of the groups at worship, or email to sign up (or with questions). Please sign up ahead of time so we can be prepared.

Status Update groups will meet on:

Tuesday, May 31,  6:30-8 pm
Wednesday, June 1,  6:30-8 pm
Thursday, June 2,  6:30-8 pm
Sunday, June 5,  12:30-2 pm;  2:30-4 pm
*When you sign up, please let us know if you need childcare and for how many children.

All gatherings will be held at the new RISE space next to the Artful Dodger.