We’re having a LEAP OFF! .....What?

The idea? Have a 'Leap Off' to raise awareness and money for the new RISE space (we need to install bathrooms in order to meet there)! 

The leap off will consist of teams of 4 competing in a leap frog competition on JMU's Quad on Leap Day! 

Each Team will be asked to raise as much money as they can for the bathrooms needed in the new RISE space!

Teams are encouraged to dress up for the competition and there will also be prizes for the teams who: 
-Win the Leap Frog competition
-Raise the most money
-OR have the best costumes

Team Registration for this event will end on Valentine's Day. So email Alexis Ward at wardad@dukes.jmu.edu if you're interesting in creating a team to compete in this fundraising event!

The date is quickly approaching so start leaping for the finish line and ask folks to donate to your team!