Christmas Eve Cookie Conspiracy 2.0

What is this about?

A Christmas Eve service, with a twist! We'll gather at Court Square Theater for worship, sing Christmas songs, and share communion together. But in classic RISE style, there's more! We invite you all to join a new tradition started last year of packaging and then delivering cookies and notes of encouragement to people who have to work on Christmas Eve. Hotel clerks. Gas Station Attendants. Restaurant servers. Hospital workers. Firefighters and police officers. We know it sucks to have to work on Christmas Eve, so we want to bring some cheer and love into their night. 

Well, how can I help?

As we get closer to the night, we will need people to either bake or buy cookies to be delivered. We ask that donations of cookies be pre-bagged in ziplock bags, two to three cookies per bag. These individual baggies will be packed into lunch sacks during the service so that one sack with several individual servings will be delivered to each site we visit. It's really important that individual servings are pre-packed BEFORE the service. Please let us know if you need help with pre-packaging. Donations can be dropped off the Sunday before Christmas (December 18th) or at the RISE space during the day throughout the week leading up to the 24th.