Worship in the JMU Arboretum on June 29


The ducks have tweeted that they miss us. And you've told us how much you liked the Easter service. So it's time we return ...

On Sunday June 29 (and August 3) we will not be meeting in Court Square Theater for worship. Instead, we'll be experiencing the beauty of creation (and DUCKS ... which are a part of creation) at the JMU Arboretum at exactly 10(ish). Bring your own something to sit on ... whether it's a lawn chair, a recliner, a bean bag chair, a towel, etc. We won't be setting up chairs that Sunday! (And also bring your own lunch if you'd like to stay and hang out after worship.)

Hope to see you at the JMU Arboretum on June 29!

That Sunday we'll also have a special send off for Paul and Taylor Rowley.

(Special shout out to our friends at the Arboretum who are so hospitable and supportive of what God's doing through RISE in Harrisonburg and beyond!)