Learning to Play by Ted & Co.

Our good friend Ted Swartz has written and produced a play. It's a really, really great play and he's premiering it in Harrisonburg on Sunday April 27 at 2 pm at Court Square Theater. It's called Learning to Play. Here's a bit about the play from Ted:

This play is a play about fathers and sons. It’s a play about faith. About the church. Sexuality. And it’s a play about finding commonality and hearing one another’s stories.

This play is not a play with answers or with an agenda. Instead, it’s a play that takes seriously the idea that the church is a community of people on a journey. This play is about Daryl’s journey and we hope that this play will encourage us to listen to one another. To engage in conversation. To tell a great story and to help us think beyond what we first imagined.

So come on out on April 27 at 2 pm and experience what it might mean to dig deeper into our call to listen and understand.

Learn more about Learning to Play here.