An Opportunity for Women at RISE

Hey Women of RISE!

My name is Geli Ziegler; I’m a member of RISE and I spoke a Sunday ago about an opportunity for women in the community, and I wanted to explain a little more!  I’m on leadership in Intervarsity (IV), a Christian ministry on JMU’s campus. We have approximately 400 women in Intervarsity, and only one staff worker. Because of this, some of the needs of the women in IV are not being met. We are extending this invitation to you because we could really use support from women in the Harrisonburg faith community.  As college women, we need guidance navigating many new areas of life and faith from women who have been there.

So, the executive body of Intervarsity and I are trying to build ‘lifelines’ between women in IV and more experienced woman in Harrisonburg, who can be sought when needed. While some of us have connections to women in the area, many women in IV don’t know how to connect with them or know that they could be available.  So, we’re building a database of women in the Harrisonburg community who can be ‘lifelines’ to us in Intervarsity and hopefully be the start of some valuable conversations and relationships. 

This is where you come in! We need women who are at least a few years out of college and have more experience with life, who are passionate about their faith, but who are honest and don’t pretend to have all the answers. 

If you are interested in supporting JMU women, we’d love for you to be part of a database of women who are available to IV. Being in the database means that you are willing to be a ‘lifeline’ to women of the chapter, who can reach out to you and form relationships where you can listen, provide wise counsel, and support. 

You should note that being a ‘lifeline’ does not mean you are committing to a weekly mentorship or discipleship with the women of IV, but that you are willing to connect with us and bridge the gap between IV and women in the faith community. We hope that these relationships grow organically, so whether it be a one-time meeting or something more, that’s up to you and those you connect with.

Although we’re working with many churches in the area, I am especially excited to share this opportunity with you! RISE has always been a place where people support each other in an authentic and honest way. If you’d like to be a part of this opportunity, you can reach me at I’m so excited to hear from you all!