Haaaave you met Ted?

This Sunday, we're so excited to be joined by Ted Swartz as part of our More Stories & Voices series. Who is Ted Swartz, you ask? Well ... Ted is AMAZING, his bio is below, and we can't wait for you to meet him. So join us this Sunday at exactly 10(ish) at Court Square Theater.

Ted Swartz is a writer and actor who has been mucking around in the worlds of the sacred and profane for over 20 years. As theologian and thespian, Ted brings a unique perspective to his craft, creating a space where these two worlds can interact.


Many people first learned to know Ted as part of the duo, Ted & Lee, working together with Lee Eshleman. Their creative partnership ended suddenly in 2007 when Lee took his own life. In Laughter is Sacred Space, a show both humorous and vulnerably honest, Ted explores the paradox of working with a comedic partner struggling with bipolar disorder, as well as the challenge of writing and performing God’s stories while experiencing the absence of God after Lee’s death.

Ted is owner and artistic director of Ted and Company TheaterWorks, a professional touring company based in Harrisonburg, VA, and is the creator or co-creator of over a dozen plays. Along with writing and acting, his loves include his wife, Sue; three sons, Eliot, Ian, and Derek; daughters-in-law, Katrina, Hanna, and Chelsea; and, the newest additions, granddaughters Mona and Hattie.