Meet the Taco Tuesday Contestants!

Taco Tuesday, the taco eating competition to celebrate Fat Tuesday is back – bigger and better than ever! Join us Tuesday February 12 at 5:30 pm at Tacos El Primo on Reservoir St. The teams are set and they are excited to stuff their faces for Jesus.

At worship each week until February 12, you're invited to toss money in the jugs for the team that you think will win. The winning team will receive all of the money donated toward their mission.

Meet the teams:

Team 1: Eating for International Justice Mission

Cody Harrison
"I should quit school and become a Hallmark writer, but I'm waiting for them to discover me."

Jenn Landrein
"I can stand on a yoga ball while eating a taco and I get mistaken for a Native American princess on a regular basis."

Team 2: Eating for the Medical Mission Trip to Honduras

Jack Garber
"I'm a vegan sacrificing for Jesus."

Justin Hicks
"I was once asked to leave an all you can eat Chinese buffet!"

Team 3: Eating for We Have Gas

Scott Burner
"I have no funny facts. I'm just funny."

Jess Johnson
"I am the BEST water girl around."

Team 4: Eating for Brother2Brother

Aaron Spicher
"I have reached speeds of 25 mph in an office chair."

Bryce Cowett
"Kathy Bates is my third cousin."

Team 5: Eating for Nicaragua Orphan Fund

Maggie Nave
"I actually say 'hiccup' when I hiccup."

Andy Montgomery
"I have been on the cover of a magazine!"