Stories & Voices | An August Mini-Series

What might it look like if each of us stopped and took time to listen to the stories and voices around us? What could we learn? What might we hear? Could we find our story in the stories of those around us? What kind of a difference could that make in our lives, in our communities and in our world? How is this a part of God's dream?

These are the questions we will wrestle with in our August mini-series, Stories & Voices, beginning Sunday August 5 at exactly 10(ish) Court Square Theater. Then, on August 12 and August 19, we'll have the opportunity to actually listen to a few of these stories and voices.

Join us on August 12 as we welcome Leigh Anne Taylor, co-author of Our Family Outing.

And on August 19, we'll welcome Margot Starbuck, author of Small Things with Great Love.

Hope you'll join us and help us spread the word!