Meet the Taco Tuesday Contestants

Taco Tuesday is February 21 at 5:30 pm at the Taco Truck on Reservoir St.

Contestant: Brittany Conley

About Brittany
I wanna rock right now.
My name's Britt and I came to get down.
I'm not internationally known,
but I'm known to rock the taco-phone.

Brittany's Dream Taco
Any taco. All day, err day.

Contestant: Michael Dandridge

About Michael
1. I love long walks on the beach with numerous Mexican dishes to eat afterwards.
2. I wrestle lions and tigers during my summer job working at the circus.
3. I was asked to be a star on the hit MTV show, "Jersey Shore," but respectfully declined. 

Michael's Dream Taco
Steak, queso sauce, lettuce, extra spicy salsa, and a hard shell.

Contestant: Jenn Landrein

About Jenn
1. I'm a reigning tator tot-eating champion.
2. I love 80's music. (I'm convinced the 80's are making a comeback so I don't stop believin'.)
3. I have a passion for working with the elderly, connecting with people, creating joy and furthering God's dream.

Jenn's Dream Taco
Crunchy shell filled with chicken, lettuce and salsa, topped with sharp cheddar cheese and a dollop of guacamole.

Contestant: Steven Pugh

About Steven
1. I am an adventuresome 22-year-old college student who never backs down from a challenge.
2. I have a competitive spirit that is coupled with endurance as well as ADHD.
3. I love fellowship, fun times and all kinds of food.

Steven's Dream Taco
My dream taco would literally be about the size of a normal dinner plate with steak, chicken, salsa, rice, lettuce, green olives, hot sauce, tomatoes, guacamole and a heaping helping of sour cream.