Drink coffee. Give love.

Our friends at Lucas Roasting Company have launched a really neat way to give back to the community. As we live into God's dream and learn what it means to follow Jesus, coffee is the fuel for many of our friends in the RISE community. What if there was a way to wake up to a cup of delicious coffee AND help make sure children just a few miles down the road wake up to a healthy meal?

Introducing Community Blend from Lucas Roasting Company! A big heaping portion of the proceeds from each bag sold goes right to Love Packs -- a ministry at RISE that helps make sure children don't go hungry. (For more info about Love Packs, click here.)

From the Lucas Roasting Company website:

This blend consists of one of our Fairly Traded / Organic certified origins and one of our direct-relationship farms. The result is outstanding at a medium-dark roast where you'll experience a deep, lasting body and a flavor that evolves from chocolate and nuts to hints of fruit as the cup cools.

And it only gets better from there, because when you purchase this particular blend of coffee, you're making a difference. A significant portion of the profit, per bag sold, is going to support the Love Packs program. This is a program sending food home to families in need through local school systems. Your purchase of this coffee directly impacts the amount of money LRC and RISE will contribute to this program, ensuring hungry families are being fed. 

And if/when this fund-raising goal is met, there will always be more to do...

Thanks for your support!

Click here to order Lucas Roasting Company's Community Blend Coffee now!