A Note from Melissa

After worship yesterday, Melissa Fretwell delivered the kits we made to OCP. Here's a note she sent along after the delivery.

Hey friends!

This afternoon I dropped off the box of kits at OCP. As I entered, one of our guests from HARTS (Harrisonburg and Rockingham Thermal Shelter) last year ran up to me and gave me a hug. He was so excited to get a gift from us (as a 19 year-old he wanted to share his good news - he has a place to stay!!!) He carried the box in for me and the other guests knew what to do. They took the kits and with smiles on their faces and opened them, but quickly went back to the note. Each person was so thankful. A true gift of thankfulness was offered from each person. I hope we realize that no matter the size of the gift, a gift is authentic, holy hope for these folks. My prayer for all of us this week is that we can truly realize that each gift we get (a car that runs, food, clothes, gas, a bed, a house, etc.) is a holy gift of hope from our Holy Friends.