Morgan McDonald



How do you feel about raisins? 

Ewwww yuck! Pure torture. I would much rather eat grapes!

What song is in your head right now?

Rolling in the Deep by Adele. She is amazing!

What's your passion?

Living my life to the fullest. Spreading the love. Laughing... I mean, how could you go a day without laughing? Art, art and did I mention art? I also love being around people -- whether its service in the community, worship, a cup of coffee or out at a bar... I'm quite the people person. 

What's something about yourself I couldn't find on Facebook?

I get distracted easily... Squirrel!

What are your hopes and dreams for RISE? 

I feel the generation we live in loves to label and stereotype and put people into "boxes." I want RISE to knock those down and bring together the Harrisonburg community no matter the age, race, school, or where they are in their life's journey. God has given us the gift of grace, relentless grace and I am so ecstatic about it that I want everyone to know and understand how amazing God is. I dream that RISE can expand and become a positive, love-giving part of this community.