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What’s a Sustaining Mender? 

You know how NPR is always doing pledge drives and they ask people to become sustaining members? It’s like that, but we changed ‘member’ to ‘mender', patted ourselves on the back for being so clever, and called it a day. Essentially being a Sustaining Mender is making a promise to financially support the RISE ministry over the next year through a monthly donation. 

What am I supporting as a Sustaining Mender?

It is our hope that you have personally experienced what makes the RISE community so special and would want to support its ongoing existence. But perhaps you need some more information regarding what your giving goes to support. If so, check out this graphic that details some of the incredible work being done at RISE.

What if I can’t give very much?

You can become a Sustaining Mender by giving any amount monthly. All gifts are deeply appreciated and will impact our ability to Mend God’s Creation Together. We have asked folks to try to give at least $20/mo as a minimum, but if that is still too much, we are thrilled to receive whatever pledge you can offer.

How do I submit my pledge?

You can fill out the secure online form below which will send your pledge to our Treasurer. You can also fill out a paper pledge card at Worship on Sunday mornings. 

What’s the best way to give money to RISE?

We gladly accept cash or checks during worship on Sunday mornings or in the mail. 

We also are on PayPal