Megan Marker



How do you feel about raisins?

Definitely not my favorite, but I can eat them occasionally. I actually prefer prunes, if I have to choose a shriveled fruit. 

What song is in your head right now? 

"Drumming Song" by Florence + the Machine ... Luckily, today it isn't a kindergarten song. Unfortunately that happens a lot. 

What's your passion?

Children, especially those who have difficult lives that some of us can't even imagine living. I want to put them all in my pocket and keep them safe, unfortunately they don't all belong to me. So I like to build relationships with the children that I work with or know and love in some other way so that I can be a safe and calming support for them and they always know they have someone they can rely on. And unlike most of my friends I can't wait to have my own!

What's something about yourself I couldn't find out on Facebook?

I have very talented toes. I can take my socks off and fold them up, using only my toes. I can use my toes to pop the knuckles in my other toes and I used to be able to write with my toes. Maybe my 2012 resolution should be to develop that skill again ... 

What are your hopes and dreams for RISE?

I hope that RISE will continue to grow and provide support for our community. I love the way that RISE lives out God's dream through service, support, programs, and embracing instead of just talking. The part of RISE that really made me stick around was how it teaches people that everyone means everyone and that everyone is good enough. I always felt like I had to say or do the right things to be accepted by God and a church, but RISE has taught me that I don't have to fit a mold to be part of a journey with God. I hope that others can learn and accept that as well.