Amanda Garber, Pastor

Why are you a part of RISE?

I am a part of the RISE movement because I am the pastor. Even more than that, I absolutely love its passion, ambition and deep desire to be a partner with God in mending our corner of creation.

How will your role on the RoundTable help bring God's Dream into reality?

I hope to equip, empower and encourage RISE's leaders as they seek to live into God's Dream.  I look forward to dreaming together and starting a revolution rooted in doing small things with a tremendous amount of God's amazing love.

Toilet paper – over or under?

The greater question is why I am always running out of toilet paper.  How is it that four people and a dog could use so much toilet paper?  It's a mystery.  Maybe not a holy mystery, but a mystery nonetheless.

If money was no object, what would you do with your life?

I would start a chain of amazing cafes/restaurants that would benefit organizations who seek to prevent sexual violence and human trafficking.  I would also start a fund that encourages, equips and enables others to launch their dreams (especially those dreams that are part of God's Dream).  I would also go to Ireland a lot.

Adam King, Associate Minister of formation

Why are you a Part of rISE?


RISE is creating a community in Harrisonburg where the love, joy, and freedom in Jesus Christ can be experienced in crazy amazing ways. How could I not want to be a part of that?!

How will your role on roundtable help bring God’s dream into reality?

God’s blessed me with particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you… wait, never mind that. I like to think that my role as the Associate Minister of Formation is kind of like a ministry Swiss Army Knife. I want to partner with many different RISE leaders and community members to learn from each other, dream together, and do some awesome things for this world.

Toilet Paper - Over or Under?

Over. And for anyone who says under, did I mention that I have a particular set of skills?

If money were no object, what would you do with your life?

I would get so many graduate degrees. Like, all of them. Get All The Degrees!!

Andy Harbick, Round table Coordinator

How will your role on roundtable help bring God’s dream into reality?

As the facilitator my role is to help us stay focused on both the little details and the big picture so that we’re excellent in what we decide to do and that we never lose sight of why we do it.

Toilet Paper – Over Or Under?

Over.  And I will correct those who are wrong, even when I’m a guest.

If Money Was No Object, What Would You Do With Your Life?

I’m pretty content right now, so if money were no I’d probably keep doing what I’m currently doing AND I’d be helping lots of artists, writers, poets, tinkerers, and creators to bring their creations to the world.

Liz Shoop, Leadership Development 


Like many people, my first contact with RISE was in the course of serving others. A friend asked for my help meeting needs within the local refugee community. I was the one who received the greatest blessing! I made new friends on my street and from around the world, all in one day. I had to keep showing up at 10ish on Sundays to see my new friends. The people of RISE have enriched my life.


Headshot Shoop.jpg

RISE is a community of people who get stuff done!  As leadership development coordinator, I strive to be sure that all those who serve at RISE are supported in their faith and ministry. It's important that no one feels like a lone ranger, and that no one is attempting to serve from an empty cup.  Teamwork makes the dream work.  Cheesy, but true!


There's no question. Over.


I'd be a snow bird. Winters in sunny Florida, lush green Summers in the mountains of Virginia. The best of both worlds!

Melinda Walton, Outreach Coordinator

Why Are You A Part Of Rise?

We are a part of Rise because we wanted to belong to a church that did good works in the community, and we wanted to help make our corner of the world a little better.

How Will Your Role On The Roundtable Help Bring God's Dream Into Reality?


My certain set of skills revolve around efficiency and getting things done. I am able to see what needs to be done and can break down tasks into steps in which to get to the finished product. While I do follow rules, I am also a rule questioner (it turns out you CAN be both), and I typically ask, "Why not?" if I'm told something can't be done a particular way. I ask the hard questions, but in a friendly, caring way, and I hope to empower others to ask the hard questions so we all can grow.

Toilet Paper – Over Or Under?

Over, for the love of Cher, over.

If Money Was No Object, What Would You Do With Your Life?

First, I would stay home for a bit and just zone out, maybe by tending to my little garden and reading, reading, reading. Then, when I tire of that, I would travel, going to Austria and Croatia, to soak up the sun, the gelato, and the burek. Eventually, I would come back and start my own business of how to make finance less scary for people while trying to see David Wax Museum and the Steel Wheels on tour every chance I could.


Kadie King, INreach Coordinator

Why are you a part of rISE?

Adam made me do it.  Just kidding.  We started coming to Rise when we moved back to the valley.  I feel like I can be me at Rise and no matter what I feel loved.  I want to make sure that everyone feels welcome.

How Will Your Role On The Roundtable Help Bring God's Dream Into Reality?

As the Outreach Coordinator, I love how hands-on we are in bringing God's dream to heal creation to fruition through feeding others, helping with basic needs, and connecting with our community through real relationships.  

Toilet Paper - Over Or Under?

Over there is no other way.

If Money Were No Object, What Would You Do With Your Life?

Cat rescue.  It's not hoarding if you call it a rescue.

Stephanie Floyd, "Herstorian" (she's great the memory, y'all)

Why Are You A Part Of RISE?

I am a part of RISE because I passionately agree with vision of RISE, that everyone (no exceptions) is invited to bring about God's dream of a mended creation.

How Will Your Role On The RoundTable Help Bring God's Dream Into Reality?

In my role as Finance Team Leader, I hope to foster a commitment to stewardship throughout the community as a way of not only contributing to RISE, but also helping each of us to focus on what is important in our lives.

Toilet Paper – Over Or Under?

Over. Anything else is barbaric.

If Money Was No Object, What Would You Do With Your Life?

I would road trip around the country in a black 1972 El Camino. Or work on my cross-stitching quilting game.