Meet Shannon Jewell

Why Are You A RISE Intern?

I am a RISE intern because I wanted to get more involved with RISE.

What Do You Do As An Intern?

Whatever Justin tells me to do.

How Do You Feel About Raisins?

Raisins are only worth touching when they are covered in chocolate.

What's Your Favorite Song To Dance To?

Shake it Off is my current dancing guilty pleasure but classically I will always dance to "Blue (Da Ba Dee)."

If You Could Pick Three Heroes, Who Would They Be And Why?

My Dad- because he's a genuinely good person
My Grandma- because she's 83 and has en excellent sense of humor
My Dogs-because they basically live the life I dream of living. They sleep, eat, and play.

Do You Have Any Secret Talents?

I can touch my nose with my tongue. I can also stick an Oreo to my forehead and work it down to my mouth without using my hands.

What Are Your Hopes And Dreams For RISE?

I would like to see RISE grow in both attendance and impact.