Lindsay Davis



How do you feel about raisins?

Raisins are okay, but grapes are lots better!

What song is in your head right now?

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah! I have absolutely no idea why, but it can only mean good things.

What's your passion?

I have a passion for words; writing them, hearing them, speaking them,  correcting them, etc. I am obsessed with why people say what they say  and how people use them to build each other up or tear each other down. I  hope to use this passion for words to be more aware of my words in  order to use them in a way to inspire and not diminish, create and not  destroy, and love instead of hate.

What's something about yourself I couldn't find on Facebook?

I have an irrational fear of the dark and insects that buzz and have stingers.

What are your hopes and dreams for RISE?

I dream of making RISE an even greater community than it already is, by  God's grace and love and with the gifts with which He has given me. I  hope that the people of RISE continue to open their arms to anyone and  everyone and to never cease in teaching and showing that example to me  and everyone else.