Kory Schaeffer

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How do you feel about raisins? 

Well let's put it this way: A friend once compared raisins to old people, pointing out their wrinkly similarities, and made the point that eating raising felt like eating old people. While I do love to eat raisins (especially with peanut butter), I always have to think twice before popping them in my mouth.

What song is in your head right now?

"Best I Ever Had" by Gavin DeGraw

What's your passion?

Emergency Medicine. I volunteer at Harrisonburg Rescue Squad and work in the RMH ER and love both. I hope to continue my career with PA or Med school.

What's something about yourself I couldn't find on Facebook?

This is hard. Isn't everything on FB these days?? If you stalked my FB profile you probably would not get an idea of how spontaneous I am. I have always been told to make sure you have close friends that are both older and younger than you: older friends to lead you and show you the way, and younger friends to remind you of where you've been and keep you youthful. I am not afraid to pick up and head off on a silly adventure with friends- with no real purpose in mind- and see what we can get into. Yes this has led me to dancing down Port Republic Rd in a lumberjack onesie, boom box in tow...

What are your hopes and dreams for RISE? 

RISE has made such an amazing impact on my life, and I hope that RISE can impact others in the same way. RISE has really brought self-awareness to my life, which has led to life changing realizations and changes. I hope that RISE can impact and help others in the same fashion.

Email: schaefferkb@gmail.com