Katie Chapman


How do you feel about raisins? 

So this is a funny question ... We had an in-class assignment where we had to feel raisins, smell them and squeeze them and eat them ... it got a little weird. Therefore I feel a little weird about raisins. Craisins are GREAT though :)

What song is in your head right now?

Ahh so many choices ... let's ask Pandora ... apparently right now it's Come Fly with Me, Frank Sinatra!

What's your passion?

Wow, so many.  I've been told my catch phrase is "I love people" and every day I find it to be more true.  I love people and their stories, being a part of them and learning from them.  I love adapted sports, I love volunteering, I love community.  And apparently I love talking so I'd love to tell you stories about any of the above topics and more!

What's something about yourself I couldn't find on your Facebook page?

Hmm ... I'm kind of an open book. But I guess I'd have to say you wouldn't necessarily know my specific point of view on religion/politics because I'm still figuring that out myself and have no interest of sharing that journey on social media.

What are your hopes and dreams for RISE?

I hope and dream that RISE grows closer as a community and continues to have a presence in the lives of those in our community.  I hope that we are not just known as a church but as so many I've met here say that we are known as a community and a movement.  I hope that we can continue being a place that is not afraid to ask questions, agree to disagree, and challenge what we believe in a way that encourages healthy growth.