Just Love Project

We don’t know about you, but in the grand scheme of holidays, we aren’t too fond of Valentine’s Day. At least, how Valentine’s Day is generally celebrated in modern day America. Like almost all holidays, it’s of course been commercialized to such a degree that it seems to be no more than another way for candy businesses and Hallmark to make a ton of money. The other day, a few of us were out at Target working on a project and we were noting how incredibly shallow, syrupy sweet, or even downright offensive much of the Valentine’s Day items were.

Plus, it just seems odd to us that a holiday named after a rather obscure Catholic saint and martyr has become what it has. The stories about Valentine are really more myth than history as very little is known about this man. But the stories that are often attributed to him paint a picture of a man committed to Jesus and His Church. There are stories of him secretly marrying Christian couples against the order of the Emperor. There are stories of him performing miracles of healing. But whatever may be the case, what history does reveal is that this man’s actions and commitment to Jesus ultimately led to his execution…


Happy Guy Who Was Executed Day, my Love! It’s weird to celebrate his legacy with chocolate and pink everything, don’t you think?

But the more we thought about it, the more we realized that perhaps there is an opportunity to begin reclaiming Valentine’s Day and make it something a little more…

It’s a small, simple idea. We call it the Just Love Project, and the mission is to spread a message of Love that is more than candy and cheap romance but is instead rooted in a thirst for justice, peace, and the upside-down Kingdom of God belief that God cares about the small and overlooked of our world. This year, we’re starting the reclamation project with a series of greeting cards. These are beautiful, handmade cards that offer simple, but profound messages about the nature of Love. We are selling them at a very reasonable price and all proceeds from the sale of the cards will go towards supporting our mission of Mending God’s Creation Together.

So we invite you to join us in proclaiming that Just Love Wins by purchasing one or more of our cards at www.riseharrisonburg.com/just-love-store or by emailing us at riseharrisonburg@gmail.com