Meet Torie Dann

Why Are You A RISE Intern?

I decided to become a RISE Intern in hope of strengthening my ties to the people in this community while strengthening my relationship with God at the same time. How could I pass that up?

What Do You Do As An Intern?

A lot of laughing. But in between that, we work on strengthening our leadership skills along with supporting and promoting RISE and the multiple amazing events we do.

How Do You Feel About Raisins?

I think we are pretty awesome; just like the snack. Most of us haven’t begun to shrivel, though. 

What's Your Favorite Song To Dance To?

“I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” from the Mulan soundtrack. There are a couple of embarrassing videos of me dancing to it on the Internet somewhere. 

If You Could Pick Three Heroes, Who Would They Be And Why?

Betty White: She is the definition of perfection.
My mom and dad: They have taught me and shaped me into the person I am today and are the most giving and supportive people I know.. 

Do You Have Any Secret Talents?

I’m pretty good at making goat noises.

What Are Your Hopes And Dreams For RISE?

For it to continue to grow and prosper as the wonderful community it is and continue to provide a safe space to share the love of God to others.