Meet Daniel Barnhart

Why are you a RISE intern?

I'm a Congregation and Youth minster major, i wanted to use my talents to see what God would do for me through Rise.

What Do You Do As An Intern?

I don't have any main roles just yet as an intern.

How Do You Feel About Raisins?

I hate raisins....

What's Your Favorite Song To Dance To?

Madonna "Like a Prayer"

If You Could Pick Three Heroes, Who Would They Be And Why?

Johnny Cash-  because he suffered a tragic loss of his brother to drugs and alcohol he still gave his life to Jesus.
Stan lee- because he first taught me the definition of a hero. through my love of the comics I was able to transcend my desire for the comics through my faith.
Ron Copeland- because he started a dream he had to start up, "the Little Grill" and eventually the OCP. that was his way to get the homeless involved in our community. I would say hes been a great friend to me with figuring out just what I want to do in the ministry.

Do You Have Any Secret Talents?

No secret talents.. 

What are your hopes and dreams for RISE?

My hopes and dreams for RISE would be for RISE to GROW bigger and stronger even after Amanda leaving. hopefully I can help accomplish these hopes and dreams.