Meet Abbie Willett

Why Are You A RISE Intern?

When Justin made the announcement about being an intern for the 2014-2015 year, I wrote it off. I'm pretty busy and I just didn't think that God or the RISE community would need me. However, that obviously was not in God's plan. He kept putting the RISE internship on my heart, and I wrestled with it for about a month, and then I finally knew; God gives to us, so we give back. God has blessed me with this beautiful faith community that I call my spiritual home, so by being a RISE intern, I am able to give back and truly enjoy RISE for all that it is!

What Do You Do As An Intern?

That's a good question! Right now, I don't know. I am currently praying for God's guidance in the right direction and for Him to show me how my skills can best benefit RISE and the community! 

How Do You Feel About Raisins?

Love them! You can't have too many raisins. 

What's Your Favorite Song To Dance To?

Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

If You Could Pick Three Heroes, Who Would They Be And Why?

 Malala Yousafzai- At 15 years old this incredible girl was shot by the Taliban in an assassination attempt for speaking out about women's rights in the Middle East, survives, and then continues to fight for equality and education of all women, of course she is my hero! Not only that, she is the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner to date. This girl is doing remarkable, selfless, and brave things with her life and she is only 17. She inspires me to stand up for myself, stand up for what I believe in, and stand up for others around me.

Corrie Ten Boom- She was a Dutch Christian who, along with her family, helped many Nazi Jews escape during the Holocaust by hiding them in the "secret room" of their house, which was an extension of her bedroom! Her family was turned in to the Germans, and Corrie went to the political concentration camp, Kamp Vught, and then was later sent to Ravensbruck Concentration Camp. While in the camps, she never lost sight of her faith. She stood up against guards, disobeyed orders, and made daring moves to show the love of God to those around her. She was brave enough to hide many Jewish families before being arrested, and even when her life was in danger, she continued to be brave and fight for her beliefs. After being released, she went to the Netherlands and set up a rehabilitation center for other Dutch Christians in her position and for survivors of concentration camps. She also wrote many books speaking of the miracles in her life and traveled the world as a public speaker. Despite living through horrible things, she never lost her sight of God and she inspires me to be strong.

My mama- Any woman who raises children as a single parent deserves a medal of honor, especially my mommy! After being abandoned by my father she stepped up and took on 3 jobs so that she could provide the best life for my brother and I. She also took on being the full time caretaker of my grandmother, who is severally epileptic. She never ever gives up, and despite having to put many dreams on hold, is now pursuing her dream to be a professional chef and excelling! She has always encouraged me to listen to my heart, be strong in my faith, and has lead by a powerful example. I am so thankful and proud to call her mine. 

Do You Have Any Secret Talents?

I'm fairly certain that I can recognize any Disney song within the first 30 seconds (yes, this has been tested..I'm right about 93% of the time...haha!)

What Are Your Hopes And Dreams For RISE?

I would love to see RISE's mission spread even further on the JMU campus. As a junior at JMU, and a lover of RISE and what we stand for it makes me so incredibly happy to see my fellow Dukes wearing RISE shirts, sporting the stickers on their laptops, and living out the cycle of giving love, receiving love, and repeating. I want to see this love flourish even more so and reach the hearts of the community, I dream of seeing these individuals come to worship and feel blessed, and I hope that RISE continues to grow and impact the lives of all of the wonderful gifts that surround us!