Celebration of Creation

Join us Sunday July 5th in the EJC Arboretum at exactly 10(ish) for a Celebration of Creation with a Blessing of the Animals. Every once in a while, your friends at RISE like to move outside of the walls of CST and explore the world... okay maybe just a lovely little spot in our own home town. The middle of Summer seems like a great time to pause (or should we say 'paws') and thank God for the splendor of creation and the incredible gift of animals. This service will be extremely informal. We invite everyone (yes, everyone) to grab a lawn chair, blanket, or whatever else you'd need for a few hours in the sun and bring your furry or not-so-furry friends. We'll have some songs, some prayers, and we'll take a moment to intentionally thank God for all that our pets mean to us. 

The RISE Mantra

When reflecting on the question, “what is RISE?” we found that we had a lot of answers. RISE is a community rooted in God's risk-taking love, life-changing grace, passionate outreach and open-armed acceptance. With that being said, RISE has many other ministries outside of Sunday Worship. By the time we had all that makes up the RISE community down on paper we had a book. So we've decided to keep it simple: RISE is a community who is "mending God’s creation together."