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Christmas Eve Cookie Conspiracy 2.0

A Christmas Eve service, with a twist! Gather at Court Square Theater for worship, sing Christmas songs, and share communion together. But in classic RISE style, there’s more! We invite you to join us in packaging and delivering cookies and notes of encouragement to people who have to work on Christmas Eve. Hotel clerks. Gas station attendants. Restaurant servers. Hospital workings. Firefighters and Police officers. We know it sucks to have to work on Christmas Eve, so we want to bring some cheer and love to their night. We need your help! Click here to see how. 

worship at Court Square Theater

Worship is how we connect with God and with each other as a community. It helps us realize God's dream for God's creation and invites us to live into it throughout the week. Worship gives us an opportunity to learn, dig deeper and experience good news as we wrestle with and explore the difficult questions of life and faith. Worship at RISE takes place every Sunday morning at exactly 10(ish) at Court Square Theater.

Life, Interrupted

This year during Advent, we invite you to come experience Life, Interrupted – as we spend the four weeks leading up to Christmas wrestling together with how Jesus interrupts our every day eating and sleeping and working and playing lives. Join us for worship each Sunday morning at exactly 10(ish) at Court Square Theater.