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Stop Hunger Now Meal Packing Event: Monday January 30th, 7pm JMU Festival Ballroom

Hunger is a worldwide problem. It deserves our anger. It also deserves our effort to do something about it! Click the banner above for more information about how you can help us raise money for this event as well as join us to help package 17,500 meals or more for hungry people around the world.   


worship at Court Square Theater

Worship is how we connect with God and with each other as a community. It helps us realize God's dream for God's creation and invites us to live into it throughout the week. Worship gives us an opportunity to learn, dig deeper and experience good news as we wrestle with and explore the difficult questions of life and faith. Worship at RISE takes place every Sunday morning at exactly 10(ish) at Court Square Theater.


and then Auction

Your friends at RISE have worked diligently to raise most of the funding needed to renovate our new space. However, funds are still needed to furnish and equip the space (we hear sitting on the floor is highly overrated). This auction is a fun and rewarding way for you to help out your faith community at RISE while enjoying the sweet sweet benefits of doing so.

Click photo above for more information on how to access this awesome way to support RISE!