Come experience the heartbreak and hope of Holy Week with a number of unique worship opportunities.

Friday March 30

7 pm at the Edith J Carrier Arboretum. 

Don’t know how to get there? 780 University Blvd, Harrisonburg, VA 22807.

Good Friday is the evening we mark the sentencing, trial and death of Jesus. It should last about an hour and will be a powerful, moving experience.

Sunday April 1

Service begins at exactly 10(ish) at the EJC Arboretum that will include a bountiful breakfast beginning at 9:30am!

*Need Directions to the EJC Arboretum? Click Here.

Any questions? email riseharrisonburg@gmail.com.


HARE they are...

  1.  The Easter Bunny’s agent has just released that he will star in the next Hunger Games movie, entitled Hunger Games:  Catching Peeta (Cottontail).
  2. In Switzerland, the Easter Bunny has a sidekick, the Cuckoo Bird.  This bird delivers colored eggs for the Easter Bunny.  So they are sort of like Batman and Robin, Beyonce and Jay-Z or Branjelina. 
  3. In some cultures, the rabbit is considered sacred or the "goddess of spring.”  And all this time we thought that was Kim Kardashian ...
  4. Easter bunnies don’t lay eggs.  If you don’t believe us, just YouTube rabbit birth. On second thought, don’t.  You don’t wanna see that.
  5. The Easter Bunny is vegan.  In fact, we saw him at Whole Foods recently using Apple Pay and paying six dollars for asparagus water.
  6. Rabbits have 360 panoramic vision.  So, he watches you way more than Santa Claus ever will.  Better clean up your act.
  7. In one year, a single rabbit can birth up to 800 baby rabbits.  We have heard that TLC is developing a new reality show called “800 bunnies and counting."
  8. A male rabbit is called a buck, and a female rabbit is called a doe.  Clearly, this explains why Thumper and Bambi were such good friends. 
  9. Rabbits can jump 36 inches or higher.  We have one question for you: in a NBA championship game, who would win, Lebron James or the Easter Bunny?
  10. Rabbits are unable to vomit.  This means the Easter Bunny can complete the milk gallon challenge with no problem.