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Consistency in design is crucial to creating brand awareness. People have come to instantly recognize our logo and brand because it is consistent on everything we produce. Our designs are clean, simple and maintain the same standards across the board. When such care is taken to attend to the small details of fonts, colors, etc., it becomes evident (often implicitly) that we care intensely about what we're doing. As such, whether it's documents, letters, posters, half/quarter sheets and the like, there are a few things we can adhere to when creating materials for RISE that help maintain brand consistency.

receive love. give love. repeat.

Our motto, "receive love. give love. repeat." is just as much a part of our brand as our logo is. It should be on everything we distribute. Only in rare cases would we not use it. When writing it for promotional purposes, it should be all lowercase and each phrase should end with a period (never a comma). Sometimes it could be appropriate to capitalize the first letter of each phrase, but not when it's set apart from other text.

  • Correct: receive love. give love. repeat.
  • Incorrect: receive love, give love, repeat.
  • Occasionally correct: Receive love. Give love. Repeat.

Helvetica Neue is the font used for "receive love. give love. repeat." Whenever possible, please use this font. (To read more about the fonts and to download them, see below.)


The RISE logo is eye catching and also should be on everything we distribute: letterhead, posters, half/quarter sheets and various other collateral. When using text underneath the logo, ensure that it is only the RISE website or the motto. No other text underneath is appropriate.


RISE primarily uses the Helvetica Neue font family for all marketing materials. For headings, Helvetica Neue Bold should be used. For all other text, Helvetica Neue Light or Helvetica Neue Regular may be used. (Tip: Using "bold" and "light" together often provides a striking, eye-catching contrast. Notice how Apple does it.) Text in advertisements, letters and other marketing materials should use Helevetica Neue when possible to keep the branding consistent across all channels.


RISE uses a dark gray/very light gray (almost white) color scheme. The hex code for the dark gray is #323232. The light gray is #F7F7F7. When using any kind of text or the slogan on marketing/printed materials, use the dark gray. When using text on a dark background, use the light gray.


  • The name RISE should always be capitalized.
  • When writing about "ish" time, it should be offset with parentheses. (Ex. exactly 10(ish) at Court Square Theater)
  • Avoid using all caps for names of other ministries or events. (Ex. Restore Love Rockoff, Love Packs, Core Team, Love Wednesdays)

Downloads and Links

RISE logo

RISE logo with website and slogan

RISE & Shine logo

Love Packs logo

RISE profile image (for when you need to upload a profile image)

RISE letterhead

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