At RISE, we seek to create and support a culture where we embrace dreams and ideas that transform the community and the world by giving love.

We call this our "Blue Skies" list. Because the dreams we have to give love are limitless.

As you look at this list, think about what excites you. Are there any that you are passionate about? Any that you would want to take hold of and run with? And what's not on this list?

  1. Strengthen/develop/expand our mentoring programs: Brother2Brother, Sister2Sister, and the Kelley Street Connection
  2. Ensure our programs are open and accepting to people with mental health issues
  3. RISE and Shine - a ministry where we fill the shed with soap, shampoo, towels, washcloths, underwear, socks, diapers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, wipes, etc.
  4. Host HARTS.
  5. Have a laundromat ministry (Or just a laundry ministry in general)
  6. Work on a home in the Broadway/Criders community (adopt a home)
  7. Adopt a family (or two or three) for the year. And remember every holiday, birthday, significant occasion, etc.
  8. Start a one-on-one mentoring project where men mentor teenage males (or late-elementary boys) and women mentor teenage females (or late-elementary girls) -- particularly those "at-risk."
  9. Plant a community garden
  10. Have community dinners or breakfasts once a week where everyone in the community is invited
  11. Offer a soccer camp in Grassy Creek/Mountain View trailer parks. Or offer a soccer camp for kids whose parents can't afford to pay for them to participate in other area leagues
  12. Open a bakery with all proceeds going back into the ministry
  13. Have mission "camps" for youth in the summers and maybe two to three times throughout the year
  14. Have a "bridge" program where incoming freshman to area colleges come for a week and serve throughout the community
  15. Start a "cab" ministry offering safe rides during weekends
  16. Start a woodchuck ministry (Chop wood and give it to those who need it.)
  17. Participate in Relay for Life
  18. Hold multiple Meet and Feeds where we meet friends where they are, give out free food, and show them they are loved
  19. Have all-night child care for parents who work late shifts
  20. Hold tutoring or an after school programs
  21. Start a ministry that makes quilts, scarves, hats and blankets for people who need them
  22. Participate in a clean water initiative where we dig wells or work to give clean water to places that need it
  23. Develop a stable partnership with another country (e.g. Honduras, Belize, etc.)
  24. Host a Take Back the Night event
  25. Offer a soup kitchen to friends in our community
  26. Sponsor ESL training and instruction that accomodate "non-traditional" work hours
  27. Open the RISE Bakery
  28. Connect with local orphanages and prisons
  29. Offer a ministry for those who sit on the prison steps on Sunday afternoons
  30. Provide temporary housing to those who need it
  31. Partner with other organizations (Habitat for Humanity, Kingsway Prison Ministries, etc.)
  32. Minister to God's elderly children in the community
  33. Host an Upward Sports league
  34. Participate in a Magi Box event for Christmas (gift boxes for children in the Dominican Republic)
  35. What's your dream?

Email us at to add your dream or to let us know if you'd like to help make any of these dreams a reality.