Sunset Prayer: An interview with Shiree Harbick

What makes Sunset Prayer such a great way for the Harrisonburg/RISE community to come together?

Sunset Prayer is an opportunity for us to take time in the middle of the week to spend time with God and each other. Sunset Prayer takes place every other Wednesday in a beautiful outdoor sanctuary called “The Grove”.  Prayer and community time beneath the trees with a view of the setting sun allows for reflection, relaxation and facilitates connection.  Many of us spend our work day inside; and ending a day outdoors with our thoughts on God and creation has become a special RISE summertime tradition for many in the community.

How does this better community?

The structure of each Sunset Prayer time is different depending on who is leading it each week.  Some weeks there are devotionals prepared by community members with reflection time and prayer.  Other weeks involve small group and large group reflection and prayer.  Some weeks explore prayer traditions from a variety of faith expressions, such as use of the Book of Common Prayer.  Every week ends with a campfire and s’mores with friends!

 How have you benefited from Sunset Prayer?

Prayer helps me to refocus my priorities and find better alignment with God’s vision for myself and the world around me. I can always find my way to prayer and reflection more easily when I’m outdoors!

 Where does your passion for Sunset Prayer come from?

“The Grove” was the dream of some friends that I was close to and loved deeply.  It was meant to be a place of worship and I love that I can help bring others to this sacred space to experience connection with God.

 How would anyone else benefit from Sunset Prayer?

Try it out!  Join in at any level that you feel comfortable.  No “out loud” prayer is required unless it’s something you feel like doing.  Come to be outside, eat marshmallows and melted chocolate; come expecting to make new friends and we will all see together what God can bring from this time.

-Interview by: Savanah Biche, a member of the RISE marketing team