Clarification to the Breeze Article about RISE on 09/09/10

I was excited to learn that the Breeze would be covering RISE. While much of the article is accurate, the idea that our faith community was born out of conflict is not. Our roots are, instead, in joyful transformation.

The Wesley Foundation transformed into RISE. The founders of RISE were a part of the Wesley Foundation, but realized that as a community, we were being called to do something greater. The founders of RISE did not leave the Wesley Foundation “due to conflicting views;” rather, we made the decision to transform ourselves and, in turn, our community. As such, we dissolved the Wesley Foundation and formed a new faith community rooted in risk-taking love, life-changing grace, passionate outreach, and open-armed acceptance. This new faith community is RISE. We are excited about the journey ahead; however, we felt that this clarification needed to be made.