Questions from Texts 9/19

Q. Do you all have Communion every week?

A. Yes. And first, we want to say that at RISE, EVERYONE is invited to receive Holy Communion. EVERYONE.  Yep. Also, if you are not comfortable receiving, that's cool too.  No pressure.  We respect where people are in their journeys. 

We receive Holy Communion weekly because we really believe that Communion changes us. It transforms us into people who have God's heart,  and over time, this gift enables us to become people who are filled with God's amazing spirit of love and unstoppable grace. We can't explain how a piece of bread and some grape juice changes us and makes us more like Jesus, but... we really believe that it does. We've seen the transformation in our own lives. God is all about taking common, "everyday" things and transforming them and making them holy.  This includes our everyday lives, and it includes the gift of Holy Communion.  

Believe it or not, this is the short answer to this question. If you want to know more, email Amanda at, and she would LOVE to listen and share more.