On Love, Walls, and the DREAM Act

We want to take a minute and clarify something from worship this morning. And please know that we're writing this out of humility and honesty and, of course, love.

This morning with all the talk about walls and tearing down walls and embracing, we feel as though we may have inadvertently built one during our prayers for the DREAM Act. And while we stand by our support, we recognize that, for some, this may be a divisive issue. We want you to know that our statement this morning came out of a place of love and our yearning to embrace others as God has embraced us. Everyone means everyone and we strongly believe that.

We love and seek to embrace all parties involved. We pray for the families affected, for our nation's leaders, and for peace.

And if you'd like to discuss this more, Apps with Amanda (on Tuesday night, 6:30 pm at Dave's) would be a great place to do so.


the RISE leadership team