...Whaaat? RISE has a bakery?

For over five years, the RISE community has wanted to start a bakery.  Yes, you heard that correctly, we want to start a bakery (cause with a name like RISE, you definitely need a bakery!)

The vision has taken some interesting twists and turns through the years, but here is what we feel like God is calling us to now ... 

(Note:  This description is brief.  Stay tuned for more detailed information coming soon).

We envision a bakery that employees refugees who then are offered job training, vocational purpose and meaning, and the opportunity to provide for their families.  The bakery will offer them safe space to share their stories, and it will enable persons in the greater Harrisonburg community to form relationships with persons in the refugee community and more fully appreciate the beautiful diversity in our area and throughout God's creation.

We don't know when the bakery will "open," but we are confident that with your help, this dream can become a reality.  This bakery will offer sacred space for hope, peacemaking, and healing (and some pretty great bread, too).  We all know that Jesus did and does some pretty powerful things with bread, right?