On alternate weeks, male and female young adults are connected with boys and girls, grades K-8, from the Grassy Creek and Kelley Street communities in Harrisonburg. B2B and S2S meet approximately every other Friday (on alternate Friday evenings) from 5 to 8 pm at the RISE Mission House. Some nights include extra events like JMU sporting events, trips to UREC, the Arboretum or a night of Putt-Putt which allow these girls and boys to experience new opportunities. Mentors journey with the boys and girls through the evening, teaching them invaluable life lessons and giving them a whole lot of love.

Interested in mentoring with Brother2Brother or Sister2Sister? Contact Lindsay Davis ( for Sister2Sister of Greg Bishop ( for Brother2Brother.



We desire to live into God's dream and are thankful for partners who allow this dream to become a reality in our little corner of creation. A big RISE thank you to the Youth Service Fund for supporting our mentoring programs this year!