Take 10 seconds and answer this question: Who does God love? Ready, go.

Okay time's up. And yes. Whoever it is you're thinking about, God loves that person.

Your mom? Yep. AND your professors? Yep. AND your boss? Yep. AND the guy who cheated on you? Believe it or not, yes.

At RISE, we believe that God loves every molecule of creation and we believe that each and every person is made in the image of God. All of us. 

Yes, even him. AND even her. AND even you. God's love extends from one extreme to the other and when we're able to see this, realize this, believe this and embrace this, we can begin to see the world through God's eyes. It changes our relationships. It changes our communities. AND it changes our world.

This is why the AND Campaign is so important. Jesus saw sacred worth, beauty, possibility in each and every person he encountered and invited them into a way of living that turned the world on end. We're invited to do the same. It's God's dream. 

So how will you fill in the blanks? Submit your own below and it could be featured!

God loves ________ AND ________. We do, too.